Grim 3.0

And then one year, Grim’s face just dry rotted right off. Not as terrifying as you might think. In 2017, we gave him a new mask, and added LED’s in his eyes. In 2019 he got new hands (prior to this, he had two left hands).

“Dusty” The Crouching Ghoul

We started seeing a bunch of ‘crouching ghoul’ props being built, in an attempt to replicate this character: . Special thanks to Rob Beach (Scares on Sequoia) for posting details of his build that gave us a leg up on the mechanism to get Dusty started. The first order of business was to work […]

Ghost Train

Becky saw some examples of ghostly figures, formed from chicken wire, and bathed in a rippling light, appearing like spectral apparitions at the back of the yard. I thought it would be even cooler if they could move around. So I started trying to figure out how I could make a device that would move […]

Stanley’s Mausoleum

We needed a new place for Stanley to hang out. It needed to be tall enough that he could travel his full range of motion (over 2 feet), be protected from wind and rain, and… well… look cool. Putting together the structure wasn’t the challenge. The challenge would be building it in a modular way […]

Peter Pumpkinhead

Step 1 – Making a Great Pumpkin How many cans of spray foam does it take to cover a garbage bag full of shredded newspaper with a thick enough surface that you’ll be able to carve a reasonable facsimile of a real, live pumpkin? I lost count. A dozen? This was a messy job. I […]

Gar 3.0

This was the pinnacle of Gar’s evolution. It was also the last time he went outside. When the wings were redesigned they could become entangled in the horns, so the horns were removed from the prop. The linear actuators inside pulled strings to deploy wings, work the jaw, and incline the head. By the end […]