Ye Olde Social Distancing Candy Dispensorie

COVID demands social distancing. That means nobody gets closer than 6 feet. You wear masks. And don’t touch other people’s food. So what’s a Haunter to do? Someone online suggested putting a PVC tube on a stand, and making a candy slide. Here is our version: The dragon head and the wings were already here …

Team Spirit

So the notion of having the portal to Hell at the top of the display, is that spirits are escaping into our world, and subsequently reanimating the dead (like in Ghostbusters!) Some new ghosts have entered the fray en masse.


All of the props have a name, and that name was determined at some point during development of the concept. Jack is named for two distinct notions: 1. (for obvious reasons) Jack Reacher, and 2. (for no less obvious a reason): Jack-in-the-Box. First. The box… For 2020, ‘Jack’ will be one of our static ground-breaker …

Grim 3.0

And then one year, Grim’s face just dry rotted right off. Not as terrifying as you might think. In 2017, we gave him a new mask, and added LED’s in his eyes. In 2019 he got new hands (prior to this, he had two left hands).

“Dusty” The Crouching Ghoul

We started seeing a bunch of ‘crouching ghoul’ props being built, in an attempt to replicate this character: . Special thanks to Rob Beach (Scares on Sequoia) for posting details of his build that gave us a leg up on the mechanism to get Dusty started. The first order of business was to work …