“Ray” 2023

So…I’m driving back from the store, and I drive past a house that has the Home Depot red reaper prop. “Darn, I think to myself. We had the only one in the area last year.” Then I turn a corner, and there’s another one. And then I spy a third one the next block over from ours. Nice job, Home Depot.

Okay, so semi-sour grapes aside. OUR reaper rises into the air on a pneumatic lift and is part of a programmed show. But he needs to get something else to stay ahead of the curve.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Enter, the fictional source of Ray’s ascension: Pneumatic Wings.

This is the basic frame that will open/extend the wings. It is made from 1/2″ aluminum square tubing, has two 9″ cylinders to drive it, and is mounted to the LIFT. Not to Ray himself. The main prop would never hold these puppies up. But the 1-inch steel frame of Ray’s rig can handle this, no problem.

I know, right????

So, here’s the thing. Those aren’t the wings. Those are the frames that the wings will attach to.

The working sketch looks something like this:

I’m afraid there’s along way to go on these babies. Given the date, I’m guessing 2024.

But here’s a funny note:

While I was listening to some of our visitors, they stood watching Ray, and they all jumped when the wing-frames deployed, and one guy remarked, “You should have seen it last year when they had the wings on it.”

To be clear. He didn’t have wings of any kind last year. But he did still ‘fly’. So maybe people added the wings in their mind’s eye. It’s okay Ray. Hang in there, buddy.