A portal to hell has opened, releasing spirits of the damned to waken the denizens of the Hidden Hills cemetery, and animate ghastly creatures of a nearby pumpkin patch! Graveyard walk-thru with fog, sound, static, animated and pneumatic props. Occasional live actors

Demonground: The Hidden Haunt
640 Regal Lane, Algonquin, IL 60102
Scare Rating: 3
Hours: Oct 7 – Oct 31
Su-Th (Dusk–9:00pm)
Fr-Sa & Halloween (Dusk-11:00pm)

Chicago Haunt Builders

Demonground: The Hidden Haunt (2023)

They Move!

In this video, we’re throwing a spotlight on Cal, the cauldron creep. In the narrative of our haunt, something is happening that is resurrecting the things in the graveyard – and that something is the glowing green brew that Cal is preparing!

Props Added:

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“Live” Actors

Snow Day!

One thing you can say about October in Chicago: you can’t predict the weather in October, and 2023 was no exception. We had days where you could be outside in shirtsleeves, days when you needed an umbrella, days where you huddled for warmth under a propane patio heater, and we had Halloween itself where it snowed off and on all day.

Snow Night!

But it still looks best in the dark…

Final Night

The snow on Halloween was so disappointing. And frankly, it just got everything super wet. There was no way to tear it all down until the following weekend. So on Saturday night, we ran the display one last time.

See you next year!

The Planning has already begun.