Cal’s New Cauldron

In the original version of the cauldron creep, the contents of the cauldron were simply an illusion of an acid light projecting on the cauldron wall, and the “fire” was created by a ring of orange fairy lights lying on the ground. In 2020, we enhanced the cauldron experience. First, the flame bed became a […]

The Portal

In the world of Dark Conspiracy, there are places in the world where the walls between dimensions have weakened, allowing things to slip through from their world into ours. In these regions, known as “Demongrounds”, things are not always as they appear, and the affects on reality are sometimes warped and twisted by the influence […]

Cemetery Gate 2.0

In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, we moved the cemetery entrance to the front of the yard, added gates, and chained it up. There will be no entry into the yard this year — on the big night, we’ll distribute treats to the kids from a safe distance. One of the challenges with the […]


All of the props have a name, and that name was determined at some point during development of the concept. Jack is named for two distinct notions: 1. (for obvious reasons) Jack Reacher, and 2. (for no less obvious a reason): Jack-in-the-Box. First. The box… And now … Jack