Watchman 4.0

Gary gets an upgrade… The motor we put on Gary last year was pretty weak. He couldn’t turn against the wind … or even a light breeze. Something had to be done. Enter a box of frightprops wiper motors, and a variable power supply…

Team Spirit

So the notion of having the portal to Hell at the top of the display, is that spirits are escaping into our world, and subsequently reanimating the dead (like in Ghostbusters!) Some new ghosts have entered the fray en masse.

The Portal

In the world of Dark Conspiracy, there are places in the world where the walls between dimensions have weakened, allowing things to slip through from their world into ours. In these regions, known as “Demongrounds”, things are not always as they appear, and the affects on reality are sometimes warped and twisted by the influence …


All of the props have a name, and that name was determined at some point during development of the concept. Jack is named for two distinct notions: 1. (for obvious reasons) Jack Reacher, and 2. (for no less obvious a reason): Jack-in-the-Box. First. The box… For 2020, ‘Jack’ will be one of our static ground-breaker …

Haunt 2020

The 2020 Haunt… Demonground: The Hidden Haunt640 Regal Lane, Algonquin, IL 60102Scare Rating: 3Hours: Oct 3 – Nov 1 (Dusk–10:30)Haunted graveyard with fog, sound, static, animated and pneumatic props. Occasional live actors. Not much Demonground: The Hidden Haunt (2020) Early Setup Photos Live Shots Props Added: