Gar 2.0 – Duct Tape Double

Gar was always meant to be a bit more formidable than he appeared in 2007. The metal frame that housed the wing armature, and turned the gargoyle’s head was basically mounted inside a duct-tape double of me, that was covered in monster mud.

This version of Gar had the parts he needed to move the wings and head, but nothing was automatic. He only worked if I sat behind him turning the dial to adjust the head or wing position.

Gar’s inner frame is pictured here. The two cylinders from last year are mounted on the sloping back approximately where the shoulder blades would go on the outer skin. The red and green markers are the port and starboard wing mounts. The vertical rod to the right (forward) of the wings is the neck mount for his skull.

Creating Gar’s Body

And then there was the monster mud that covered him. It was quite a mess. The pedestal was troublesome as well. I had it in my mind that he would be crouched atop a pile of skulls. Which meant making a whole lot of foam skulls and gluing them to a wood frame. Frankly with the casters on the base of the frame it was more than a little like a dalek. The wings were draped in fabric at the last minute to get it out in the yard. Again, his programming was incomplete. He needed to be run manually to get any motion out of him at all, and the fabric on the wings were too heavy for the motor/gearbox I had created.