Pumpkin Patch Denizens

All summer long, the pumpkin patch grew, forming one pumpkin after another. They grew heavy and took on a deep orange hue. As October drew near, something else entered the patch, or rather someone. Someone who never left the patch again. The tall grass enveloped the body. As fluids seeped into the ground, the pumpkin vines began to shift and change. The vines wormed their way into the decomposing body, and the pumpkins themselves began to change – to take on almost human characteristics.

Facial features developed, twisted mouths and glowing eyes, lifted high above the ground on a pseudo body formed of twisted vines. The roots at the feet broke free of the soil, and the creatures shambled forward, in search of more blood…

(at least, that’s the image we tried to portray)


The pumpkins came from the store. The bodies were a mixture of PVC, ware, tape, Great Stuff, and paint…




The Body

Start with a cheap skeleton, twist and contort it with a heat gun, then paint it…

We found an animated pumpkin creature … it was clearly using an old Zombie sound clip, but it moved. So we perched it atop the abdomen of the corpse, and put it on a motion sensor so it would begin animating whenever anyone approached.