Cal’s New Cauldron

In the original version of the cauldron creep, the contents of the cauldron were simply an illusion of an acid light projecting on the cauldron wall, and the “fire” was created by a ring of orange fairy lights lying on the ground.

In 2020, we enhanced the cauldron experience.

First, the flame bed became a more proper bed of glowing embers, now embedding the double flickering strands of lights into a Great Stuff ring. This posed a bit of an issue as Cal has always stood with his feet right up against the bottom of the cauldron … now an ashen bed. To solve this, we raised Cal onto a platform step that also serves to conceal the power and lighting controls.

Second, the cauldron itself got a new motor, and in addition to driving the stir-stick, also provides a new rotating ‘surface of liquid’, complete with floating … stuff…