Stanley’s Mausoleum

We needed a new place for Stanley to hang out. It needed to be tall enough that he could travel his full range of motion (over 2 feet), be protected from wind and rain, and… well… look cool. Putting together the structure wasn’t the challenge. The challenge would be building it in a modular way that could be disassembled and stored when we were done. A 4x4x10′ phone booth was not going to fit in the garage, but a removable roof, and removable side panels just might do the trick.

Some Assembly Required…

The sequence on this is important. Many of the bolts are not perfectly straight, so stacks of material will not align unless they are stacked in the correct order. Basically, you need a screwdriver, a ladder, and a second person.

Most of it is held together with wingnuts. The two side pieces are the biggest parts. The columns and most of the decorative accents are attached to the sides. Four 2×4’s span between the two sides, then the ceiling goes on. Then the front and back supports for the motor rig, followed by the crossed-stabilizers for the back (which lock into those supports).